Nominations: The Best Blogs I’ve Visited

Hello fellow blogger’s!  This is week ten of the Student Blogging Challenge, and this means that the competition’s end is closer than it’s beginning.  However, there is still good news!  If you are planning to keep blogging even when school is over, that’s great!  So am I!  I’m thinking I might create a zombie survival series, or something of the sorts.

Anyways, let’s get started with the real news!  This is the 11th anniversary of the Edublog Awards.  And since students can cast votes that WILL count, or so I’m told, I decided, why not vote myself?  After all, it is required by Mrs. Hoke.

This is my first year doing Edublogs.  When I first started, I really didn’t like the concept.  I couldn’t figure out how to use it, and I thought to myself, I’m not meant to have a blog.  But then I started getting the hang of it.  When I published my first post, I was proud of myself.  Not the post; I actually kind of hated the post, but I finished it.  Even hating the post I had written, I couldn’t wait for the next one.

The next post was more fun.  I could write a fictional post, without having to finish it, and leave the ending up to nice people that thought it was worth their time to comment on it.  I was happier with this post, and by this time, I had more widgets in use, as well as changed my blog theme.  My blogroll was finished at the time.  I felt better about the overall blog.

The next post was a lot of fun to write.  It may not have been my best writing, I still don’t know whether or not it is.  But I left a link, and I thought it was funny.  I felt for the first time like blogging wasn’t a chore.  And as I began thinking this, I noticed something.  I was attracting more visitors.  My blog writing was better.  Eventually, I even got a post featured in the Edublogs Flipboard Magazine for featured student blogs, which you can see here.  Currently, my post is on the fourth page, not including the cover.

It was a little bit before this that I met Ben.  One day, I found his blog randomly from the Student Challenge website.  I liked what I saw, and so I left a comment.  By that evening, he had responded on my blog with a comment of his own.  To see his side of the conversation, click here.

Ben was the first and possibly only loyal visitor I had.  He checks my blog a few times a week, which I can tell from ClustrMaps.  He left many comments on my posts, taught me a few things, and somehow befriended me, just by leaving comments.  When I’ve left comments on his blog, he used them to improve his posts.  He even left a shout-out to my blog on his blog.  On top of all this, his writing is overall good, and his productivity is off the charts.

These are the reasons why I would like to nominate Ben for best student blog.  Please, go visit his blog right now in the link above, because I’m sure he would appreciate it.

And since I wish I could nominate more, here are some honorary blogs:

Nicholasam1: This man always wanted to have plenty of visitors, but unfortunately, the amount of visitors he really has will never show up correctly, due to his original blog theme not being able to support ClustrMaps.  Hopefully he gets more visitors now.  Also, check out his Youtube Channel.

Parkeram : I am a friend of Parker as well as Nicholas.  Parker’s writing is very attention grabbing, and once I start to read his post, I have to finish it.  Also, his Voki is the best I’ve ever seen.

Please visit all the links above.  Hopefully they all work; they should, I tested them out.  And don’t worry; I will keep blogging throughout the Summer.  Thank you for visiting, and until next time, have a wonderful day everyone.

2 thoughts on “Nominations: The Best Blogs I’ve Visited

  1. First off i thank you for understanding the limited computer use and as a matter of fact i actually do have a skype on my kindle which i may or may not be on also and for the working on the same blog idea i have found out how to make a blog in which we are both admin which would work great if you want i will make the blog i just need to know what you would like its address to be
    ( and it is so GREAT that you got into the STATE COMPETITION and of course you should write a post about it i write posts about daily things all the time (though going to a state competition isnt a daily thing at all its a BIG thing)


  2. What a great nomination post Elijah. You have explained it so well and also included how you have improved your own blogging skills over the last ten weeks. Even your comments to me have improved through to adding a hyperlink in it this week. Well done!

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